Subject across 5 measures of fluid intelligence (+10 +25 +16 +8 +4) - mean increase of 12.6 (p=0.026, paired t-test)

Control across 5 measures of fluid intelligence (+7 0 +4 +6 -1) mean increase of 3.2 (p=0.79, paired t-test)

Subject contiguous intelligence measure 28 (post) → 38 (during) → 39 (post)

Post → During 4.6e-05, 7.7e-0.5 (tstt, mwu - significant both)

During → Post 0.5, 0.9 (tstt, mwu - not significant both)

Pre → Post 4.5e-06, 0.005 (tstt, mwu - significant both)


Control and subject lived in the same house and took the tests 25 days apart, with the subject undergoing 14 days of intervention between the first and last test with 1 day pause and the control living life ad libidem.

Both the control and the subject are healthy men (27 and 28 yo - BMI between 21 and 23) and often shared food as well as exercise sessions which controls for diet and activity baseline. Their cognitive abilities are roughly equivalent as assessed by both peers and the tests ran.


The incentive landscape is flawed but the design tries to make it be more reasonable.

Tests were taken at roughly the same time of day (3 hours earlier for the control and 1 hour later for the subject)